Masao Okita

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—This paper describes the implementation of a large bandwidth multi-GPU signal processing system for radio astronomy observation. This system performs computationally intensive FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) and spectrum analysis to achieve real-time analysis of a large bandwidth spectrum. This is accomplished by implementing a four-step FFT algorithm in(More)
— This paper proposes a trace reduction method for assessing the improvability of the performance of message passing parallel programs. This assessment is based on a what-if prediction approach that forecasts future program performance, for example, the execution time if the target program is modified according to typical tuning techniques. Our method(More)
This paper presents PerWiz, a performance prediction tool for improving the performance of message passing programs. PerWiz focuses on locating where a significant improvement can be achieved. To locate this, PerWiz performs a post-mortem analysis based on a realistic parallel computational model, LogGPS, so that predicts what performance will be achieved(More)
In message passing programs, once a process terminates with an unexpected error, the terminated process can propagate the error to the rest of processes through communication dependencies, resulting in a program failure. Therefore, to locate faults, developers must identify the group of processes involved in the original error and faulty processes that(More)
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