Masao Morimoto

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A multi-stage replica bitline technique for reducing access time by suppressing enable timing variation of a sense amplifier was developed. Applied to a 288-kbit SRAM of the 40-nm process node, this technique achieves 6.1% access time reduction by reducing the sense-amplifier timing variation by 43%.
The crystal structures of a pair of diastereomeric 1:2 salts of (R)- and (S)-2-methylpiperazine with (2S,3S)-tartaric acid, namely (R)-2-methylpiperazinediium bis[hydrogen (2S,3S)-tartrate] monohydrate, (I), and (S)-2-methylpiperazinediium bis[hydrogen (2S,3S)-tartrate] monohydrate, (II), both C(5)H(14)N(2)(2+).2C(4)H(5)O(6)(-).H(2)O, each reveal the(More)
Enaminones are synthesized by the rhodium(II)-catalyzed denitrogenative rearrangement reaction of 1-(N-sulfonyl-1,2,3-triazol-4-yl)alkanols, which are readily prepared from propargylic alcohols and N-sulfonyl azides. Intramolecular 1,2-hydride (or -alkyl) migration occurs with an intermediary α-imino rhodium(II) carbenoid species generated through(More)
The structures of diastereomeric pairs consisting of (S)- and (R)-2-methylpiperazine with (2S,3S)-tartaric acid are both 1:1 salts, namely (S)-2-methylpiperazinium (2S,3S)-tartrate dihydrate, C(5)H(14)N(2)(2+).C(4)H(4)O(6)(2-).2H(2)O, (I), and (R)-2-methylpiperazinium (2S,3S)-tartrate dihydrate, C(5)H(14)N(2)(2+).C(4)H(4)O(6)(2-).2H(2)O, (II), which reveal(More)
We report a highly diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of anti homoallylic alcohols from terminal alkynes via (E)-1-alkenylboronates based upon two catalytic reactions: a cationic iridium complex-catalyzed olefin transposition of (E)-1-alkenylboronates and a chiral phosphoric acid-catalyzed allylation reaction of aldehydes.
1,2,3-Benzotriazin-4(3H)-ones and 1,2,3,4-benzothiatriazine 1,1(2H)-dioxide reacted with isocyanides in the presence of a palladium catalyst to give 3-(imino)isoindolin-1-ones and 3-(imino)thiaisoindoline 1,1-dioxides, respectively, in high yield. An intermediate azapalladacycle was generated through denitrogenation of the triazine moiety, and an isocyanide(More)