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Upflow biological filtration with floating filter media
An aerobic biological filter with floating filter media was tested using domestic wastewater to determine the optimum operating and backwashing parameters in this study. This system was designed forExpand
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A 0.2-/spl mu/m 180-GHz-f/sub max/ 6.7-ps-ECL SOI/HRS self aligned SEG SiGe HBT/CMOS technology for microwave and high-speed digital applications
A technology for combining 0.2-/spl mu/m self-aligned selective-epitaxial-growth (SEG) SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBTs) with CMOS transistors and high-quality passive elements has beenExpand
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Nonparametric Approach for Non-Gaussian Vector Stationary Processes
Suppose that {z(t)} is a non-Gaussian vector stationary process with spectral density matrixf(?). In this paper we consider the testing problemH:????K{f(?)}d?=cagainstA:????K{f(?)}d??c, whereK{·} isExpand
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Ultra-low-power and high-speed SiGe base bipolar transistors for wireless telecommunication systems
Ultra-low-power and high-speed SiGe base bipolar transistors that can be used in RF sections of multi-GHz telecommunication systems have been developed. The SiGe base and a poly-Si/SiGe base-contactExpand
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Remineralization of desalinated water by limestone dissolution filter
Abstract Remineralization by the limestone process is now widely used in the post-treatment sections of MSF desalination plants and RO plants. This paper discusses the optimization of the processExpand
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Optical properties of epitaxial plzt thin films
In the epitaxial (Pb1−x, Lax)(Zr1−y, Tiy)1−x/4O3 [PLZT] films, the composition dependence of the refractive index and electric-optic (EO) coefficient near the morphotropic phase boundary (MPB)Expand
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Double‐Layer μc ‐ Si / a ‐ SiC x Emitter in a Silicon Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor with a Cutoff Frequency of 47 GHz
We have fabricated a heteroemitter that consists of a microcrystalline silicon (μc-Si) and a very thin carbon-doped amorphous crystalline silicon (a-SiC x ) double layer which is optimized for highExpand
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Preparation of Colloidal Monolayers of Alkoxylated Silica Particles at the Air-Liquid Interface
A new concept of the formation of the monolayer of colloidal particles on the air-liquid interface based on a new simple model to consider the relation between the interparticle forces and theExpand
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Effect of climatic conditions on energy consumption in direct fresh-air container data centers
To examine the use of fresh-air cooling to reduce energy consumption in container data centers (CDCs) regardless of location, a prototype fresh-air-cooled CDC was constructed in a Tokyo suburb, and aExpand
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Piezoelectric Properties of PbNi1/3Nb2/3O3-PbTiO3-PbZrO3 Ceramics Near the MPB
The change in the electromechanical coupling factor, k33, was investigated as a function of PbNi1/3Nb2/3O3-PbTiO3-PbZrO3 (PNN-PT-PZ) piezoelectric ceramic composition near the morphotropic phaseExpand
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