Masao Hirokawa

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We are developing a new problem-solving methodology based on a self-organization paradigm. To realize our future goal of self-organizing computational systems, we have to study computation based on local information and its emergent behavior, which are considered essential in self-organizing systems. This paper presents a stochastic (or nondeterministic)(More)
In the Nelson model particles interact through a scalar massless field. For hydrogen-like atoms there is a nucleus of infinite mass and charge Ze, Z > 0, fixed at the origin and an electron of mass m and charge e. This system forms a bound state with binding energy Ebin = me Z/2 to leading order in e. We investigate the radiative corrections to the binding(More)
We derive a mathematical mechanism of infrared catastrophe from the idea for the proof in [22, 23] and generalize it so that we can apply it to several models in quantum field theory. We define the Carleman operator from the operator-theoretical pull-through formula on ground states. Characterizing infrared catastrophe by the Carleman operator, we study the(More)
Author(s) Arai, Asao; Hirokawa, Masao Citation Reviews in Mathematical Physics, 13(4): 513-528 Issue Date 2001-04 Doc URL Right Electronic version of an article published as Reviews in Mathematical Physics, Vol. 13, Issue 4, 2001, pp. 513-528, DOI: 10.1142/S0129055X01000740 © World Scientific Publishing Company,(More)
Dear IAMP Members, according to Part I of the By-Laws we announce a meeting of the IAMP General Assembly. It will convene on Monday August 3 in the Meridian Hall of the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague opening at 8pm. The agenda: 1) President report 2) Treasurer report 3) The ICMP 2012 a) Presentation of the bids b) Discussion and informal vote 4) General(More)