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The formation of polyphenols in trees I. Administration of c glucose and subsequent distribution of radioactivity
Abstract After administration of uniformly labelled 14 C-glucose to a kino vein in Eucalyptus sieberiana , labelled polyphenols were found in the kino. The distribution of radioactivity and theExpand
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A transglucosylase in Daphne odora converting daphnin to daphnetin 8-glucoside
Abstract The hydrolysis of daphnin (daphnetin 7-glucoside) and the transglucosylation from this glucoside to daphnetin forming daphnetin 8-glucoside have been studied using an enzyme preparation fromExpand
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Chicoric acid fromOnychium japonicum and its distribution in the ferns
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The latency of spinach chloroplast phenolase
Abstract The latent phenolase in spinach chloroplast membranes could be activated by treatment with various detergents. Examination by thin-layer gel filtration showed the presence of two activeExpand
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