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BACKGROUND Tricuspid valve (TV) annuloplasty is recommended for functional tricuspid regurgitation (TR), which is caused by TV annulus dilatation and tethering of the leaflets. However, the impact of TV deformations on the outcome of TV annuloplasty remains unknown. The goal of this study was to investigate the relationship between preoperative TV(More)
AIMS/HYPOTHESIS FTO harbours the strongest known obesity-susceptibility locus in Europeans. While there is growing evidence for a role for FTO in obesity risk in Asians, its association with type 2 diabetes, independently of BMI, remains inconsistent. To test whether there is an association of the FTO locus with obesity and type 2 diabetes, we conducted a(More)
BACKGROUND The durability of tricuspid valve (TV) repair by annuloplasty is limited. Identification of mechanisms of recurrent or residual tricuspid regurgitation (TR) after annuloplasty is necessary to improve results of TV repair. The purpose of this study was to investigate echocardiographic determinants of mid-term outcome after TV annuloplasty. (More)
BACKGROUND Global longitudinal strain (GLS) measured by two-dimensional speckle tracking imaging (2D-STI) has been shown to be useful for assessing subtle change in left ventricular function in severe aortic stenosis (AS) patients with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF). However, there is little information about the relation between the(More)
BACKGROUND Because the covariates of cardiovascular events in unoperated patients with asymptomatic aortic stenosis (AS) have not been adequately evaluated, we aimed to identify them. METHODSANDRESULTS A total of 230 patients with asymptomatic severe AS were retrospectively enrolled. The patients were divided into 2 groups based on aortic valve(More)
BACKGROUND Ischemic mitral regurgitation (IMR) is associated with asymmetric changes in annular and ventricular geometry. Surgical repair with standard symmetric annuloplasty rings results in a high incidence of residual or recurrent mitral regurgitation (MR). The Carpentier-McCarthy-Adams (CMA) IMR ETlogix annuloplasty ring is the first remodeling ring(More)
PURPOSE It has been reported that mental stress is an independent risk factor for cardiovascular events and impairs coronary circulation. Lavender aromatherapy, one of the most popular complementary treatments, is recognized as a beneficial mental relaxation therapy. However, no study has examined the effect of this therapy on coronary circulation. We aimed(More)
BACKGROUND Normal values for echocardiographic measurements and the relationship between these parameters and age in a large Japanese population are still unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS A total of 700 healthy Japanese aged 20-79 years underwent 2-dimensional and Doppler echocardiography at collaborating institutions. The respective mean values obtained in(More)
BACKGROUND Most rings currently used for tricuspid valve annuloplasty are formed in a single plane, whereas the actual tricuspid annulus (TA) may have a nonplanar or 3-dimensional (3D) structure. The purpose of this study was therefore to investigate the 3D geometry of the TA in healthy subjects and in patients with functional tricuspid regurgitation (TR).(More)
PURPOSE To assess the effects of the oral intake of flavonoid-rich dark chocolate on coronary circulation, we measured coronary flow velocity reserve (CFVR) by noninvasive transthoracic Doppler echocardiography (TTDE) in healthy adult subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study was a randomized, single-blind design conducted for 2 weeks in 39 healthy men(More)