6Naoko Nonaka
2Noboru Goto
2Jiro Takito
2Toshifumi Mitani
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Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide (PACAP) is a potent neurotrophic and neuroprotectant that is transported across the blood-brain barrier in amounts sufficient to affect brain function. However, its short half-life in blood makes it difficult to administer peripherally. Here, we determined whether the radioactively labeled 38 amino acid(More)
In this study, we first measured some cytokine concentrations in the serum of patients treated with Juzentaihoto (JTT). Of the cytokines measured interleukin (IL) -18 was the most prominently up-regulated cytokine in the serum of patients under long term JTT administration. We next evaluated the effects of JTT in mice, focusing especially on natural killer(More)
We developed a method to reconstruct cell geometry from confocal fluorescence microscopy images of the cytoskeleton. In the method, region growing was implemented twice. First, it was applied to the extracellular regions to differentiate them from intracellular noncytoskeletal regions, which both appear black in fluorescence microscopy imagery, and then to(More)
Backgrounds. Magnifying endoscopy with narrow-band imaging (ME-NBI) has become essential for determining tumor margin in early gastric cancer (EGC). Here, we investigated the usefulness of ME-NBI for assessment of invasion depth in EGC. Methods. For 119 patients who had undergone ME-NBI and en bloc resection by endoscopic submucosal dissection, three(More)
We previously reported the transient appearance of an actin superstructure, called the zipper-like structure, during the primary fusion (fusion of mononuclear precursors) and the secondary fusion (fusion of multinucleated cells) of osteoclasts. Here, we focus on the actin-based superstructures that link two precursor cells during the secondary fusion event.(More)
We carried out a morphometric comparison of tissue sections from the human spinal cord, medulla oblongata, cranial nerves, autonomic nerves and spinal nerves with the help of a very accurate method that includes two-step fixation, nitrocellulose embedding and discriminative staining. We conducted morphometric evaluations to compare various axonal areas(More)
BACKGROUND Hemoptysis is a common complication in all kinds of surgery. However, it is rarely critical because it resolves with or without intervention. CASE PRESENTATION Here the authors present what is believed to be an unprecedented report of a case involving a fatal idiopathic bronchial hemorrhage complication during cardiac surgery.(More)
BACKGROUND Mammalian erythropoiesis can be divided into two distinct types, primitive and definitive, in which new cells are derived from the yolk sac and hematopoietic stem cells, respectively. Primitive erythropoiesis occurs within a restricted period during embryogenesis. Primitive erythrocytes remain nucleated, and their hemoglobins are different from(More)