Masanori Kawahara

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A seita is a carrier frame for backpacking used in Nishiki-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. In this mountainous district, people make their living by agriculture and forestry and carry everything on their backs with seita. In this study, we investigated the relationships between the sizes of a body and the dimensions of a seita. This survey was conducted(More)
We examined the effects of a load's mass and position on body sway during standing with a load on the back. Three healthy male subjects participated in this experiment. The subjects supported loads of 23kg, 33kg, and 43kg on their backs using a carrier frame. They were asked to stand for 75s on a force platform with their eyes open while being as quiet as(More)
We have already presented two studies of the traditional carrier frame, the seita. In our first study, we reported on seita users supporting loads not on the lumbar vertebrae but on the sacrum. In the second study, we showed that carrying a load on the sacrum was efficient in terms of metabolic rate, muscle activity, cadence and subjective responses. The(More)
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