Masanori Hamamura

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SUMMARY We propose a novel asynchronous direct-sequence code-division multiple access (DS-CDMA) using feedback-controlled spreading sequences (FCSSs) (FCSS/DS-CDMA). At the receiver of FCSS/DS-CDMA, the code-orthogonalizing filter (COF) produces a spreading sequence , and the receiver returns the spreading sequence to the transmitter. Then the transmitter(More)
SUMMARY In this paper, we propose a new modulation named parallel combinatory/high compaction multi-carrier modulation (PC/HC-MCM) using the techniques of parallel combinatory orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (PC-OFDM) and high compaction multi-carrier modulation (HC-MCM). Two types of PC/HC-MCM systems, which are named as modulated PC/HC-MCM(More)
SUMMARY We propose multitone-hopping code-division multiple access (MH-CDMA) using a feedback-controlled hopping pattern (FCHP) (FCHP/MH-CDMA). In the FCHP/MH-CDMA, part of the filter coefficients of an adaptive finite-duration impulse response (FIR) filter receiver are fed back to a transmitter, in which they are used as an updated hopping pattern. Each(More)