Masanori Akiyoshi

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To verify business strategies, it is essential to extract and analyze business information. The amount of business information is so enormous that it is time-consuming for an analyst to extract and analyze. Thus, we propose a support tool for verifying business strategies using SWOT analysis. This tool supports the extraction of factors for analysis.(More)
This work discusses a help desk support system that helps operators at help desk process inquiry e-mails and build up FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on their Web pages. Recently there have been increasing number of interactions between users and operators online. Therefore operators must take great deal of time to process inquiries from customers through(More)
This paper addresses an information extraction from different structural web sites by using a user instantiated example. A user instantiated example consists of labels as criteria for decision making on purchasing a target product or service and instances related to the labels. When information extraction method outputs the information in table form, labels(More)
This paper discusses how to detect the inquiry e-mails corresponding to pre-defined FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions). Web-based interaction such as orders and registration form on a web page is usually provided with its FAQ page for helping a user, however, most users submit their inquiry e-mails without checking such pages. Help desk operators must spend(More)