Masanobu Yoshimi

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Current status and future perspectives for SOI (silicon-on-insulator) using Smart Cut technology will be reviewed. First, industrial growth of SOI production mainly driven by MRJ and low-power LSI applications will be presented, with a focus on the rapid growth of 300mm SOI wafer production and advancement of Si thickness control. Next, versatility of the(More)
Substrate engineering using Smart Cut<sup>TM</sup> and Smart Stacking<sup>TM</sup> for advanced LSIs is overviewed. For digital CMOS applications, planar fully-depleted (FD) SOI structure provides a realistic solution to bridge the technology gap between bulk CMOS and three-dimensional FD structures. Production of planar FD-SOI will be started soon in 28nm(More)
Current status of strained-SOI (sSOI) substrate technology is reviewed along with relevant device-level strain optimization. Smart Cut trade enables to transfer a tensile-strained Si film, grown on Si<sub>0.8</sub>Ge<sub>0.2</sub>, onto a 300mm Si wafer, with excellent thickness uniformity and preserved stress. The pile-ups (PUs) have been eliminated and(More)
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