Masanobu Ujihira

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to investigate the phenotypic differences of primary rat mesenchymal bone marrow cells (MBMCs) and subcultured cells, the influence of subculture and cell density on the cellular phenotypes, and the difference in the migratory responses of these cells to cytokines. METHODS MBMCs were isolated from 8-week-old Wistar(More)
OBJECTIVE Estimation of appropriate radial clearance of ceramic-on-ceramic total hip prostheses to realize squeeze-film lubrication. BACKGROUND Some clinical results show that severe wear occurs at ceramic-on-ceramic interfaces of total hip prostheses if the design parameters are improper. Appropriate design is required to realize the optimum lubrication(More)
The purpose of this study was to assess the availability of low-molecular-weight (low-MW) hyaluronan (HA) as a cryoprotectant for cellular cryopreservation. To clarify whether low-MW HA is cryoprotective, we evaluated the effect of HA concentration (0-5% w/w) in a cryoprotectant solution on cell membrane integrity after freeze-thaw. A test sample was(More)
The purpose of this study was to develop a disinfection method using a microwave apparatus to treat large bone allografts. Heating of a bone allograft is an effective method for the disinfection of bacteria or inactivation of viruses. However, the size of the bone we can treat is limited, and following the popular method of using a bathtub is a lengthy(More)
Allogenic osteochondral tissue (OCT) is used for the treatment of large cartilage defects. Typically, OCTs collected during the disease-screening period are preserved at 4°C; however, the gradual reduction in cell viability during cold preservation adversely affects transplantation outcomes. Therefore, improved storage methods that maintain the cell(More)
Reduction of cellular damage in densely cultured cell monolayers after cryopreservation by pre-incubation with hyaluronan (HA) was investigated. Monolayers of human dermal fibroblasts were cultured for 24 h at a density of 0.5×104 or 5×104 cells/cm2. The following two experimental conditions were compared: cells incubated with or without 0.5% w/w HA(More)
The influence of cell density of cells cryopreserved inside a collagen matrix at various cooling rates was investigated. Human fibroblasts were three-dimensionally cultured for 2 days in a collagen sponge (20 mm in diameter and 1 mm in thickness) as an extracellular matrix to imitate biological tissue (artificial tissue). Different cell densities for the(More)
BACKGROUND For internal fixation of AO classification Type B lateral malleolar fracture, insertion of lag screws into the fracture plane and fixation with a one-third tubular plate as a neutralization plate are the standard treatment procedures. The one-third tubular plate is processed to a hook shape and hung on the distal end of the fibula. In this study,(More)
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