Masanobu Ogata

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This paper presents two distributed algorithms for detecting and resolving deadlocks. By insuring that only one of the deadlock processes will detect it, the problem of resolving the deadlock is simplified. That process could simply abort itself. In one version of the algorithm, an arbitrary process detects deadlock; and in a second version, the process(More)
This paper aims to solve multi-objective problems by adaptive random search with intensification and diversification combined with genetic algorithm (RasID-GA). Problems with multi-objectives are common in engineering, economics, computer science, and many others field of studies. It has been a challenge for the researchers to develop algorithms able to(More)
Recent advances in PC graphics hardware like the VolumePro 500-2X and GeForce 3 have resulted in remarkable volume rendering performance. However, the limited amount of video memory found on a single card prohibits its use in large-scale volume graphics applications. The trend has thus been to make use of the combined rendering power and storage capacity of(More)
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