Masanobu Numazawa

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We discuss how mobile agents, moving in the Internet from node to node, can communicate with each other by forwarding messages in a robust way. As a solution, we present the general idea of a class of communication networks called the multi-path message forwarding networks (MMFNs), which can transmit the messages to mobile agents at the current location in(More)
Particle Swann Optimization (PSO) is an optimiza­ tion method that emulates the behavior of creatures such as a flock of birds or a school of fish. Two typical PSO infonnation exchange fonnats are the Gbest model and the Lbest model. The Gbest model is the most basic model, but this model can converge quickly on a solution and may become trapped at a local(More)
Recently, development and offering of digital textbooks, educational materials, and educational platforms have begun in the field of education. In addition, with the rapid penetration of networks and proliferation of powerful digital devices capable of editing, some note-taking applications such as Note Anytime and OneNote are released by each company.(More)
The learning assistance systems that use computers are a study format that is suitable for individualized study, they can determine and manage the learning situation such as each leamer's study history and results, and they provide a learning environment that is tailored to each person's learning pace and degree of comprehension. The Modified Low-First(More)
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