Masanobu Kishioka

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The aim of this study is to demonstrate the growth-promoting effect of alginate hydrolysates (AHs) on the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum, and to verify the physiological change occurring within a living R. philippinarum stimulated by AHs. We show that growth of clams was dramatically promoted by supplementing a diet of the diatom Chaetoceros neogracile(More)
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We studied the effects of Heterosigma akashiwo, a harmful algal species, in the diet of juvenile Manila clams (Ruditapes philippinarum), because it often blooms in coastal waters where aquaculture of the clams is carried out. Weight of soft tissue of clams increased when they were fed H. akashiwo added at 8,000 cells mL-1, with weight growth about 8% higher(More)
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