Masanobu Fujioka

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Various types of personal telecommunications (PT) services are summarized, and the service information required to provide them are identified. Information-allocation schemes over multiple networks are examined. Hierarchical information-handling and information-localization schemes and their applicability to PT services are discussed. The effects of(More)
Now a day's low power SRAMs have become a critical component of many VLSI chips. This has especially true for microprocessors, where the demanding on chip cache sizes are growing with each generation to bridge the increasing divergence in the speeds of the processors and the main memory. Simultaneously, power dissipation has been becoming an important(More)
The determination of five drugs, fenfluramine (FEN), N-nitrosofenfluramine (NFE), sibutramine (SIB), mazindol (MAZ) and phenolphthalein (PHP), was studied in slimming health foods using GC-MS/MS. These drugs have been detected at high rates, especially in slimming health foods. Prolonged or excessive consumption of non-approved or unauthorized(More)
Relatively simple with cyclic simal Complicated signal flow and hard transmission without complex functional checking retransmission processing Abstract-Three error correction methods are specified for Signaling System No. 7; namely, the preventive cyclic retransmission method for relatively long signaling links, the basic method for relatively short links,(More)
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