Masanari Yokomizo

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Analysis of gait in patients with acute unilateral peripheral vestibular disorders was performed using foot switches and electromyography, with the aid of a telemetry system. Among the eight parameters set for the analysis, the occurrence rate of abnormality in the coefficient of variation (CV) was the highest (78%) for the time from heel strike to forefoot(More)
Gait analysis was performed in patients with vestibular system disorders, using foot switches and electromyography. They were divided into three groups: 11 cases with vestibular neuronitis (VN), 10 cases with large acoustic neuroma (LAN) who had central lesion evidenced by neurotological examinations, and 10 cases with olivopontocerebellar atrophy (OPCA). A(More)
A plaster statue is an object created from a mold made from a stone statue, for example, and into which plaster is poured and hardened. The delicate shape is lost, however, during the molding process, and an issue arises in that the plaster statue has a smoother shape than does the original statue. Consequently in this research , by applying a sharpening(More)
An experiment was carried out in guinea pigs to clarify the effect of unilateral section of cervical afferent nerve (C1-C3) upon optokinetic nystagmus and vestibular nystagmus induced by sinusoidal rotation. To produce optokinetic nystagmus and optokinetic after-nystagmus, a random dot pattern was utilized as visual stimulation at a speed of 30 degrees/s.(More)
A comparative study on gait analysis comprising 11 patients with vestibular neuronitis and 10 patients with large acoustic neuroma was undertaken by the use of foot switches and electromyography. Central disorders in the neuroma group were evidenced by neurotological examinations. Fourteen healthy adults served as controls. Variables employed for the(More)
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