Masanari Nakamura

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In this paper, we present an indoor 3D positioning method for smartphones using acoustic signals. In our proposed 3D Frequency Division Multiplexing--Phase Accordance Method (3D FDM--PAM), four speakers simultaneously emit burst signals comprising two carrier waves at different frequencies to enable the rapid calculation of the position of the smartphone.(More)
The motions of particles are calculated in 3D structure to evaluate potential fluctuation. The results of homogeneous and thermal equilibrium systems are in good agreement with theoretical results. In 3D MOSFET, the potential fluctuation extends towards the depletion layer and deviation of the amplitude from theoretical value is observed and ascribed to hot(More)
We present results of full 3D sting-level process and device simulation for a typical 60nm NAND flash device, whose read/program/erase characteristics are successfully simulated using the quasi-steady state simulation method. Self boosting and local-self boosting phenomena are also successfully simulated in string-level applying realistic pulse waves to the(More)
Hot spring thermal energy conversion (STEC) plant is a system that converts thermal energy into electricity by using the temperature difference between hot spring water and sea/river water. In this paper, the diffuser multi-objective control problem of STEC plant is presented. Based on the step test, the nonlinear separation model of working fluid dryness(More)
talking and singing robot is being developed based on the mechanical model of the human vocal system by using mechatronics and feedback control technologies. While various ways of vocal sound production have been actively studied so far, a mechanical construction of the vocal system is considered to advantageously realize natural vocalization with its fluid(More)
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