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Geant4 is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. It includes a complete range of functionality including tracking, geometry, physics models and hits. The physics processes offered cover a comprehensive range, including electromagnetic, hadronic and optical processes, a large set of long-lived particles, materials and elements,(More)
To cope with the complexity of the biological function simulation models, model representation with description language is becoming popular. However, simulation software itself becomes complex in these environment, thus, it is difficult to modify the simulation conditions, target computation resources or calculation methods. In the complex biological(More)
Models written in description languages such as CellML are becoming a popular solution to the handling of complex cellular physiological models in biological function simulations. However, in order to fully simulate a model, boundary conditions and ordinary differential equation (ODE) solving schemes have to be combined with it. Though boundary conditions(More)
The physiological simulation at the tissue and organ level typically involves the handling of partial differential equations (PDEs). Boundary conditions and in cases like pharmacokinetics, distributed parameters add to the complexity of the PDE solution. These factors make most PDE solutions and their corresponding program codes tailored for specific(More)
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