Masanao Ochi

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We propose a system for detecting local events in the real-world using geolocation information from microblog documents. A local event happens when people with a common purpose gather at the same time and place. To detect such an event, we identify a group of Twitter documents describing the same theme that were generated within a short time and a small(More)
We developed a simple method of improving the accuracy of rating prediction using feature words extracted from customer reviews. Many rating predictors work well for a small and dense dataset of customer reviews. However, a practical dataset tends to be large and sparse, because it often includes too many products for each customer to buy and evaluate. Data(More)
With the deployment of modern infrastructures for public transit, several studies have analyzed the transition patterns of people by using smart card data and have characterized the areas. In this paper, we propose a novel embedding method to obtain a vector representation of a geospatial area using transition patterns of people from the large-scale data of(More)
Online user reviews describing various products and services are now abundant on the web. While the information conveyed through review texts and ratings is easily comprehensible, there is a wealth of hidden information in them that is not immediately obvious. In this study, we unlock this hidden value behind user reviews to understand the various(More)
We propose a novel method to improve the prediction accuracy on the rating prediction task by correcting the bias of user ratings. We demonstrate that the manner of user rating and review is biased and that it is necessary to correct this difference for more accurate prediction. Our proposed method comprises approaches based on the detection of each user(More)
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