Masamitsu Ohnishi

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Stochastic orders and inequalities are very useful tools in various areas of economics and finance. The purpose of this paper is to describe main results obtained so far by using the idea of stochastic orders in financial optimization. Especially, the emphasis is placed on the demand and shift effect problems in portfolio selection. Some other examples,(More)
The authors have proposed a new scheme of high voltage pulse generation utilizing a nonlinear transmission line (NLTL). The scheme is based on the voltage amplification effect of the process of the formation and collision of solitons in the NLTL with ferroelectric ceramic capacitors. Using the head-on collision scheme of two solitons, a fast high voltage(More)
For single–period complete financial asset markets with representative investors, we introduce a bull market measure for uncertain state occurrence and its associated ordering between representative investors in markets based on their marginal rate of substitution between equilibrium consumption allocations among possible states. These concepts combine and(More)
In this paper, we deal with no-arbitrage pricing problems of a chooser flexible cap (floor) written on an underlying LIBOR. The chooser flexible cap (floor) allows a right for a buyer to exercise a limited and pre-determined number of the interim period caplets (floorlets) in a multiple-period cap (floor) agreement. Assuming a common diffusion short rate(More)
We have demonstrated for the first time a megapixel (1.3M pixels) CCD pH imager featuring a flash-injection-of-signal-electrons scheme. With a spatial resolution of 3.75μm and pH resolution of 0.16pH at 27.5fps we believe this is a promising device technology for applications such as high throughput DNA sequencing and label-free cell measurement(More)
Katoh, N., J. Koyanagi, M. Ohnishi and T. Ibaraki, Optimal strategies for some team games, Discrete Applied Mathematics 35 (1992) 275-291. Consider a game between teains A and B, consisting of a sequence of matches, where each match takes place between one player i from A and one player j from B. Given the probability that player i wins over player j, we(More)
Venture Capital (VC) is often syndicated to invest. The characteristics of each syndicate can vary not only in the number of VC but also in the heterogeneity of VC types included in a syndicate (e.g., bank-dependent, independent, and public etc.). This paper empirically studies how these two characteristics are related to the dynamics of client firms’(More)