Masamitsu Moriyama

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We present a quantitative analysis method of the characteristics of a curve, for nding what an aesthetic curve is. A number of designer drawn curves were analyzed by this method. As a result, we found that the designer controlled the curvature change with a self-a ne property, when he produced a curve in design work. In other words, the designer sees a(More)
This paper reports on the clinical application of a system for recovering the time-varying three-dimensional (3-D) left-ventricular (LV) shape from multiview X-ray cineangiocardiograms. Considering that X-ray cineangiocardiography is still commonly employed in clinical cardiology and computational costs for 3-D recovery and visualization are rapidly(More)
This paper describes a method for the accurate recovery of time-varying 3D shapes with known cycle from images with di erent viewpoints as well as times, aiming at the recovery of the left ventricular shapes. Our recovery method is based on the integration of apparent contours from di erent viewpoints. We perform direct tting to a 4D closed surface model(More)
This study aims at realization of electronic commerce (EC hereunder) through the Internet between Japan and China which have different systems. For this purpose, we have established the China Hosho Network (CHN hereunder) consortium which consists of universities and private research organizations. The consortium operates with an information disclosure(More)
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