Masamiki Miwa

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BACKGROUND Up to now, for a successful buttonhole puncture of the vascular access vessel, the fistula should be punctured by the same experienced medical staff for 2-3 months, using sharp needles, until a fixed puncture route is established. METHODS We developed a timesaving method to create the fixed puncture route for the buttonhole technique. In this(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Employment of treated dialysate as replacement fluid raises concerns about exposure of patients to pyrogenic substances. This study was undertaken to evaluate the safety of treated dialysate as the replacement fluid for push/pull hemodiafiltration. METHODS In the present study, changes in the expressions of Mac-1 and CD14 on monocytes,(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM During hemodialysis, platelets and leukocytes are activated and form platelet-leukocyte coaggregates in which GPIIb/IIIa (CD41/CD61) and CD62P (P-selectin) are involved. However, it is still controversial whether platelet activation and platelet-leukocyte coaggregate formation are dependent on the dialyzer membrane material. METHOD We(More)
Whereas the creatinine generation rate may reflect only the protein nutritional status by way of muscle mass, the predialysis serum albumin concentration may well reflect a variety of aspects of a patient's pathophysiologic status, including the protein nutritional status. The aim of this study was to clarify whether or not serum albumin concentration and(More)
In order to encourage the spread of home hemodialysis, we have developed a hemodialysis machine that enables “one-touch” voluem replacement and “one-touch” hemodialysis completion, by modifying a viscous pump-type hemodialysis machine. When emergency volume replacement is needed, pressing the volume replacement button will serve to transfer 200 ml of(More)
A trampoline effect may occur mainly when a buttonhole tract and the vessel flap fail to form a straight line. Certain findings, however, suggest another cause is when the vessel flap is too small. The frequency of the trampoline effect, for example, is lower when a buttonhole tract is created by multiple punctures of the arteriovenous fistula (AVF) vessel(More)
It is unclear at present which mathematical modeling Kt/V(urea) is valid for assessment of both long mild hemodialysis (HD) and short intensive HD, the single-pool modeling Kt/V (Kt/Vsp) based on the pre- and postdialysis serum urea concentrations, double-pool modeling Kt/V (Kt/Vdp) based on the predialysis concentration and the estimated postdialysis(More)
In Japan, use of a surgically superficialized brachial artery is recommended for vascular access in patients who are either unable to tolerate hemodialysis because of reduced cardiac function or who do not have vessels suitable for creation of an arteriovenous fistula. Superficializing a brachial artery involves relocating a portion of the artery into(More)
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