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Concentration index filter is a kind of spatial filters of images, and its typical application is diagnosis from medical images. This paper presents a dedicated computing engine for concentration index filtering. Original algorithm is modified to extract full parallelism and data width is optimized for maximizing clock speed and minimizing hardware scale.(More)
A 7-year-old girl suffered from a gradual loss of her ability to understand speech. But she had normal hearing and understood various environmental sounds. Brain computerized axial tomography showed normal, but electroencephalogram revealed spike and wave activity from temporal leads, especially on the left side. She was diagnosed as having verbal auditory(More)
The patient was a 61-year-old female who suffered from the sudden attack of a speech disorder. The episodes of speech disorder lasted for less than 1 min, but occurred several times a day, paroxysmally. A CT revealed a low density area on the surface of the left frontal lobe and an EEG showed an abnormal wave at the frontoparietal area, more dominantly on(More)
We carried out our Systematic Rhythm Test for the Brain-Damaged Patients named "The Asian Rhythm Test" on our four patients with lesions of the corpus callosum, and analyzed their rhythmic capabilities--their performances in rhythm perception (auditory distinction) and in rhythm expression (rhythm-tapping)--in accordance with the neuropsychological model(More)
  • M Nagafuchi
  • 1990
Right unilateral spatial neglect (USN) was investigated on three left brain-damaged patients suffering from the right homonymous hemianopsia and hemiplegia. A test battery consisted of visuo-constructive praxis; 1) putting blocks into a box, 2) bisecting a horizontal line, 3) figure drawing, 4) drawing of a dial plate and 5) copying drawing. The(More)
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