Masamichi Morimoto

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In this paper, we propose a new method for detecting and extracting moving objects from moving stereo camera. Our purpose is not only detecting objects but also extracting shapes and colors of detected moving objects from stereo video streams. First, we estimate the camera motion from three-dimensional optical flow based on RANSAC. Secondly we detect moving(More)
We propose a simple view synthesis method based on object coding and simple modeling of disparity space. In the proposed method, a scene from a binocular stereo-vision camera is divided into objects and planes. Our purpose is not a "physically correct" but a "subjectively acceptable" view synthesis within the video-rate, in order to provide convincing(More)
To reconstruct the 3D model of a large structure, multiple measurement from various angle are required. In this paper, we propose a portable 3D scanner system which combines narrow-baseline stereo camera and consumer video projector. In proposed system, we can settle camera and projector in arbitrary position and angle. The relative position of camera and(More)
In this paper, we propose a facial direction estimating system from low resolution facial images captured by surveillance camera. The proposed system first detects pedestrians by background subtraction, then trimming head area by template matching and finally estimating facial direction by using support vector machine (SVM). Experimental results show that,(More)
In this paper, we focus on a defect detection of a metal artifact, which has cylinder shape and hair-line finished surface, and it is sometimes ruined by scratch and/or liquid spill in factory line. So we have to find them from line CCD scanned images. In this paper, we employ Support Vector Machines (SVM) as classifier and test several transformations of(More)
By specularity (clearness of mirror reflection) of mirror-finished object, we can estimate surface roughness of the polished object. There are several methods to evaluate specularity, but they have to contact a probe to objectpsilas surface and they spoil the evaluated products. Therefore, contactless specularity measuring system has been required. To(More)
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