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This paper focuses on a new extension version of double Divide and Conquer (dDC) algorithm to eigen decomposition. Recently, dDC was proposed for singular value decomposition (SVD) of rectangular matrix. The dDC for SVD consists of two parts. One is Divide and Conquer (D&C) for singular value and the other is twisted factorization for singular vector. The(More)
This paper reports a research and development of a rescue robot using a high-pressure hydraulic actuator. We developed a practical and simple rescue robot, which used a high-pressure hydraulic actuator which generates 100 kN force at 70 MPa to drive a mechanism of jack. The objective of the robot is to jack up debris to keep or to make space of moving(More)
Visualization plays an important role in PSEs. Some PSE for the support of scientific simulation provides visualization I/F for simulation results. Without deep knowledge of visualization presentation, users require automatic viewpoint selection of the resultant visualization of simulation results. In this paper, we propose an automatic viewpoint selection(More)