Masami Mizukoshi

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We have previously developed a new malaria vaccine delivery system based on the baculovirus dual expression system (BDES). In this system, expression of malaria antigens is driven by a dual promoter consisting of the baculovirus-derived polyhedrin and mammal-derived cytomegalovirus promoters. To test this system for its potential as a vaccine against human(More)
We investigated multiple forms of rabies virus matrix (M) protein. Under non-reducing electrophoretic conditions, we detected, in addition to major bands of monomer forms (23- and 24-kDa) of M protein, an M antigen-positive slow-migrating minor band (about 54 kDa) in both the virion and infected cells. Relative contents of the 54-kDa and monomer components(More)
Non-isotopic in situ hybridization with a novel phenytoin (PHE)-labeled probe was developed. The mixture of cloned cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA fragments was labeled by random primer technique using PHE-11(spacer)-dUTP, instead of dTTP. The tissue sections were treated with 0.2 N HCl and with proteinase K (1 microgram/ml), and then heated at 70 degrees C in(More)