Masami Kume

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BACKGROUND We searched for a viral aetiology for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), focusing on Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCPyV). METHODS We analysed 112 Japanese cases of NSCLC for the presence of the MCPyV genome and the expressions of RNA transcripts and MCPyV-encoded antigen. We also conducted the first analysis of the molecular features of MCPyV in(More)
We report, for the first time to our knowledge, on the noise characteristics of a Nd:YVO(4) laser pumped by a laser diode modulated at high frequency. We have investigated noise characteristics of a Nd:YVO(4) laser pumped by a laser diode that is oscillating in a stable multilongitudinal mode because of modulation by a high-frequency (several hundred(More)
A photopolymer for fabrication of volume-type transmission holograms, which are used primarily on the holographic reflector for reflective LCD's, is reported. This photopolymer consists of bisphenol-type epoxy resin and an acrylic monomer with diaryliodonium salt and 3-ketocoumarin as a complex initiator. The chemistry of the imaging formation is based on(More)
In 1991, a new psychological selection procedure was employed during the selection of Japanese Space Station astronauts. It was based on international selection criteria developed by an international psychological/psychiatric working group. A total of 372 individuals--fewer than expected--submitted applications for Space Station astronaut in Japan. Of the(More)
Very-low-noise operation (as low as -140 dB/Hz) of close-coupled Nd:YVO(4) lasers is reported. This low noise level has been attained by controlling the spectra of the pumping laser diodes into the single longitudinal mode by suppressing mode hopping. The small-packaged second-harmonic laser (Φ12 × 16 mm) showed highly stabilized 530 nm/6 mW operations with(More)
We report periodic pulse oscillation in an intracavity-doubled Nd:YVO(4) laser. The pulse oscillation is caused by alternate oscillation between two modes. We investigated improvement of green-light power with the pulse oscillation in a Nd:YVO(4) laser. The pulse oscillation gave a factor of approximately 2 higher average green-light power than that for cw(More)
A 720 mm diameter 12-segment-bonded carbon-fiber-reinforced silicon carbide (C/SiC) composite mirror has been fabricated and tested at cryogenic temperatures. Interferometric measurements show significant cryogenic deformation of the C/SiC composite mirror, which is well reproduced by a model analysis with measured properties of the bonded segments. It is(More)
We report on the microscopic surface structure of carbon-fiber-reinforced silicon carbide (C/SiC) composite mirrors that have been improved for the Space Infrared Telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics (SPICA) and other cooled telescopes. The C/SiC composite consists of carbon fiber, silicon carbide, and residual silicon. Specific microscopic structures(More)
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