Masami Kato

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This paper studies audio–video transmission in a wireless LAN with the EDCA of the IEEE 802.11e MAC protocol in terms of applica-tion–level QoS and user–level QoS (i.e., perceptual QoS). By simulation, we first compare the performance of the EDCA and the legacy IEEE 802.11 DCF in the case where audio, video, and data are transmitted in a common wireless(More)
— This paper examines the effect of segmenta-tion mismatch on audio-video transmission by Bluetooth. We focus on the segmentation mismatch caused by the difference between the RFCOMM Maximum Frame Size and the baseband packet payload size. By experiment, we assessed the maximum throughput and media synchronization quality for various types of ACL packets.(More)
This study evaluates the accuracy of goniometric measurement of fixated proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joints using fresh cadavers. Sixteen fingers in four right hands were evaluated. Angles of PIP joints obtained by three examiners, two methods (lateral, dorsal), three goniometers (plastic A, B, and a metal model), and four different fingers were compared(More)