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This paper examines the effect of segmentation mismatch on audio-video transmission by Bluetooth. We focus on the segmentation mismatch caused by the difference between the RFCOMM Maximum Frame Size and the baseband packet payload size. By experiment, we assessed the maximum throughput and media synchronization quality for various types of ACL packets. In(More)
This paper studies audio–video transmission in a wireless LAN with the EDCA of the IEEE 802.11e MAC protocol in terms of application–level QoS and user–level QoS (i.e., perceptual QoS). By simulation, we first compare the performance of the EDCA and the legacy IEEE 802.11 DCF in the case where audio, video, and data are transmitted in a common wireless(More)
As a pre-processing step of image segmentation, superpixel algorithms are used to produce small, uniform and compact regions, which can be used for region-based image coding, region-based image processing, and object recognition. In order to meet the requirements of real-time applications for embedded computing, it is necessary to reduce the computational(More)
This paper assesses the media synchronization quality of audio-video transmission over the IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN under Bluetooth interference by experiment. In this situation, the temporal constraints of audio and video may be disturbed, since the Bluetooth interference cause delay jitter due to retransmission and carrier sensing in the MAC layer of(More)
The use of miniature pigs in non-clinical studies for medical drugs or devices has gradually been increasing in recent years. It is anticipated that the use of juvenile miniature pigs in laboratory practice will also increase. Therefore, it is important to investigate various parameters of juvenile miniature pigs. The body surface area (BSA) of an organism(More)