Masakuni Tokunaga

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Cardiac progenitor cells are a potential source of cell therapy for heart failure. Although recent studies have shown that transplantation of cardiac stem/progenitor cells improves function of infarcted hearts, the precise mechanisms of the improvement in function remain poorly understood. The present study demonstrates that transplantation of sheets of(More)
We used a rat model of weight lifting to examine the serial biochemical and morphological changes following muscle fiber hyperplasia during 14 days of exercise. [3H]thymidine and [14C]leucine labeling were used to determine the serial changes in cellular mitotic activity and the level of amino acid uptake and myosin synthesis. Morphological changes were(More)
Plasma arginine vasopressin (AVP) is known to be elevated in patients with uncontrolled insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus who have plasma hyperosmolality with hyperglycaemia. Although osmotic stimuli cause an increase in nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity as well as synthesis of AVP and oxytocin in the paraventricular (PVN) and supraoptic nuclei (SON),(More)
BACKGROUND Complex branched muscle fibers are frequently observed in the muscles of mdx mutant mice and/or in damaged muscles. To investigate whether the complex branched fibers were present in the compensatory hypertrophied muscles of rats, we examined the morphological changes in these muscles. METHODS We examined the hypertrophied plantaris (PLA)(More)
Implantation of various types of cells into the heart has been reported to be effective for heart failure, however, it is unknown what kinds of cells are most suitable for myocardial repair. To examine which types of cells are most effective, we injected cell-Puramatrix™ (PM) complex into the border area and overlaid the cell-PM patch on the myocardial(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac cell therapy has been proposed as one of the new strategies against myocardial infarction. Although several reports showed improvement of the function of ischemic heart, the effects of cell therapy vary among the studies and the mechanisms of the beneficial effects are still unknown. Previously, we reported that clonal stem cell(More)
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