Masakuni Kameyama

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Inhibition of an ongoing reaction tendency for adaptation to changing environments is a major function of the human prefrontal cortex. This function has been investigated frequently using the go/no-go task and set-shifting tasks such as the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test (WCST). Studies in humans and monkeys suggest the involvement of the dorsolateral(More)
The Wisconsin Card Sorting Test, which probes the ability to shift attention from one category of stimulus attributes to another (shifting cognitive sets), is the most common paradigm used to detect human frontal lobe pathology. However, the exact relationship of this card test to prefrontal function and the precise anatomical localization of the cognitive(More)
1. Two types of calcium currents, the transient type and long-lasting type, were examined by both whole-cell and cell-attached patch-clamp modes in single isolated sino-atrial node cells of the rabbit. 2. In the whole-cell clamp mode, in response to a depolarizing pulse to -40 mV from a holding potential of -80 mV, a transient type calcium current with an(More)
In a wide variety of cells, various intracellular agents, such as Ca2+, ATP and cyclic nucleotides, regulate ionic conductances of the membrane. In cardiac cells, the intracellular Na+ concentration [( Na+]i) frequently increases when a disturbance occurs in the electrogenic Na-K pump activity or the Na-Ca exchange mechanism. We have investigated a possible(More)
We have previously shown that sialyl Lewisx antigen (sLex) (NeuAc alpha 2-3Gal beta 1-4(Fuc alpha 1-3)GlcNAC-R) has an important functional role in defining the invasion and metastasis of human colorectal carcinoma. The results were derived from the clinical specimens obtained at surgery or experimental metastasis of human colon carcinoma variant expressing(More)
The inward rectifier K channel in rabbit ventricular cells was studied by the patch-clamp method. Single channel currents were recorded in giga-sealed cell-attached patches with 150 mM K+ in the pipette. The slope conductance in the membrane potential range from -140 to -40 mV was 46.6 +/- 6.7 pS (mean +/- S.D., n = 16), and was reduced by decreasing [K+](More)
Abnormal granular structures, which stained positively with periodic acid-Schiff (PAS-positive granular structures; PGS), were observed in the brain of senescence accelerated mouse (SAM). They were small, round to ovoid, homogenous structures measuring up to 5 μm in diameter and usually grouped in clusters. PGS were localized in the hippocampus, piriform(More)
Age-related changes of pyramidal cell basal dendrites in layers III and V of human motor cortex (area 4) were analyzed quantitatively in Golgiimpregnated sections by Sholl's method of concentric cireles (Sholl 1953). The present data suggested that basal dendrites of the pyramidal cells were decreased in number with advancing age, and that the decrease was(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with Parkinson disease (PD) often experience visual hallucinations (VH) with retained insight (nonpsychotic) but the precise mechanism remains unclear. OBJECTIVE To clarify which neural substrates participate in nonpsychotic VH in PD, the authors evaluated regional cerebral blood flow (rCBF) changes in patients with PD and VH. (More)
In spite of intensive and increasingly successful attempts to determine the multiple steps involved in colorectal carcinogenesis, the mechanisms responsible for metastasis of colorectal tumors to the liver remain to be clarified. To identify genes that are candidates for involvement in the metastatic process, we analyzed genome-wide expression profiles of(More)