Masako Yamada

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To study the coexistence of two liquid states of water within one simulation box, we implement an equilibrium sedimentation method--which involves applying a gravitational field to the system and measuring or calculating the resulting density profile in equilibrium. We simulate a system of particles interacting via the Stillinger-2 (ST2) potential, a model(More)
BACKGROUND Disseminating palliative care is a critical task throughout the world. Several outcome studies explored the effects of regional palliative care programs on a variety of end-points, and some qualitative studies investigated the process of developing community palliative care networks. These studies provide important insights into the potential(More)
– We report on the measurement of interstrip parameters of p-type silicon strip sensors which we are developing in a large collaboration to be used in a future tracker for the LHC upgrade. We measure on test structures with about 1 cm long strips the interstrip resistance, interstrip capacitance (at 1 MHz) and punch-through protection both pre-rad and after(More)
We explore millimeter line diagnostics of an obscuring molecular torus mod-eled by a hydrodynamic simulation with three-dimensional non-local thermody-namic equilibrium (nonLTE) radiative transfer calculations. Based on the results of high-resolution hydrodynamic simulation of the molecular torus around an active galactic nucleus (AGN), we calculate(More)
We reexamine the thermal evolution of the postshock layer in primordial gas clouds. Comparing the time scales, we nd that the evolutionary paths of postshock regions in primordial gas clouds are basically understood by the diagram drawn on ionization degree v.s. temperature plane. The results obtained from the diagram are independent of the density, in case(More)
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