Masako Sakurada

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Exploratory eye movements in schizophrenic and nonschizophrenic subjects were examined with an eye mark recorder while the subjects viewed geometric figures. Elementary components of eye movements and the responsive search score (RSS), a function of the number of sections on which the subjects fixated, were measured by means of an eye movement analyzer and(More)
BACKGROUND Rapidly growing nontuberculous mycobacteria (RGM) are considered rare pathogens, causing central line-associated bloodstream infection. We identified an outbreak of central line-associated bloodstream infection due to RGM at a hematology-oncology ward during a 5-month period. DESIGN Outbreak investigation and literature review. SETTING A Japanese(More)
The sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subway system is reviewed from a clinical toxicology perspective. Based on the lessons learned from this attack, the following areas should be addressed on a global scale. First, an adequate supply of protective equipment is required, including level B protective equipment with a pressure demand breathing apparatus. In(More)
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