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Throughout Japan a total of 543 cases of vitamin K deficiency occurring in infants over 2 weeks of age were reported from January 1981 to June 1985. Of these cases, 427 showed no obvious reasons for vitamin K deficiency; this sort of case is known as “idiopathic vitamin K deficiency in infancy”. Another 57 cases had bleeding episodes due to vitamin K(More)
UNLABELLED Benign and malignant pulmonary lesions usually are differentiated by 18F-FDG PET with a semiquantitative 18F-FDG standardized uptake value (SUV) of 2.5. However, the frequency of malignancies with an SUV of <2.5 is significant, and pulmonary nodules with low 18F-FDG uptake often present diagnostic challenges. METHODS Among 360 consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND Although sentinel lymph node biopsy(SLNB)is highly accurate in predicting axillary nodal status in patients with breast cancer, it has been shown that the procedure is associated with a few false negative results. The risk of leaving metastatic nodes behind in the axillary basin when SLNB is negative should be estimated for an individual patient(More)
Concentration of amniotic fluid disaturated phosphatidylcholine (DSPC), factors related to cervical ripening, and histopathological evidence of chorioamnionitis were studied in 38 patients in preterm labour with intact membranes; all of them delivered spontaneously before 37 weeks. There was no correlation between the amniotic fluid DSPC level and(More)
The efficacy of cholestyramine in acute infantile diarrhea was evaluated in 2 placebo-controlled, randomized, double-blind trials at the Tampere University Central Hospital. In the 1st, cholestyramine, 2 g. 4 times daily, or an equivalent amount of placebo were given, in addition to fluid replacement therapy to 52 infants hospitalized for acute non(More)
  • M Maki
  • Nihon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical…
  • 1993
Since obstetrical DIC is an acute serious situation, complicated time-consuming tests do not help to make a prompt diagnosis of DIC. Lowered ESR, prolonged bleeding time and defective patterns of thrombelastography are the suggestive findings of DIC, which are available at the bed-side. Obstetrics-specific DIC scoring system, in which high scores were given(More)