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OBJECTIVE The association between diabetes mellitus and the risk of prostate cancer has been tested in previous prospective cohort studies in western populations. However, no evidence from cohort studies is available for Asian populations, whose lifestyle is very different from that of westerners. METHODS The authors examined the relationship between(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the association between body mass index and mortality from overall cardiovascular disease and specific subtypes of cardiovascular disease in east and south Asians. DESIGN Pooled analyses of 20 prospective cohorts in Asia, including data from 835,082 east Asians and 289,815 south Asians. Cohorts were identified through a systematic(More)
Coffee contains various compounds that have recently been reported to exert beneficial health effects. However, the conclusion of its relation with mortality has not yet been reached. In this study, we aimed to investigate the associations between coffee consumption and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in Japan. We included 37,742 participants (18,287(More)
OBJECTIVE Obesity is an increasingly prevalent public health problem worldwide, and is associated with a higher risk of developing various noncommunicable diseases. To further examine the association between personality and overweight, obesity, or underweight, we conducted a cross-sectional analysis in Japan. We hypothesized that extraversion and(More)
Studies on the effects of consumption of fruits, vegetables, and seaweeds on the incidence of pancreatic cancer are not conclusive. We examined the association (if any) between the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and seaweeds and the risk of pancreatic cancer in Japan. Data from 32,859 participants registered in the Ohsaki National Health Insurance(More)
Although breastfeeding is associated with a reduction in the risk for breast cancer, its relationship with another hormone-related female cancer, endometrial cancer, has not been fully investigated. The objective of the present study was to prospectively examine the association between lactation pattern and the risk for incidence of breast cancer and(More)
BACKGROUND Although green tea or its constituents might reduce psychological stress, the relation between green tea consumption and psychological distress has not been investigated in a large-scale study. OBJECTIVE Our aim was to clarify whether green tea consumption is associated with lower psychological distress. DESIGN We analyzed cross-sectional(More)
An inverse association between coffee consumption and the risk of oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal cancers has been suggested in case-control studies, but few results from prospective studies are available. Data from the Miyagi Cohort Study in Japan were used to clarify the association between coffee consumption and the risk of these cancers. Information(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco smoking is a major risk factor for many diseases. We sought to quantify the burden of tobacco-smoking-related deaths in Asia, in parts of which men's smoking prevalence is among the world's highest. METHODS AND FINDINGS We performed pooled analyses of data from 1,049,929 participants in 21 cohorts in Asia to quantify the risks of total(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the association between green tea consumption and liver cancer incidence. METHODS We prospectively followed 41,761 Japanese adults aged 40-79 years, without a history of cancer at the baseline or any missing data for green tea consumption frequency. Cox proportional hazards models were used to calculate hazard ratios (HR) with(More)