Masako Hori

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Direction of mouth-opening of a small herbivorous Tanganyikan cichlid, Telmatochromis temporalis, was studied. Each sample fish opened its mouth either rightward or leftward in some degree. The directions of mouth-opening were independent of the body curve directions, and the asymmetry will be due to asymmetric mouth morph individually specific. The degree(More)
Insolation is an important component of meteorological data because solar energy is the primary and direct driver of weather and climate. Previous analyses of cultivated giant clam shells revealed diurnal variation in the Sr/Ca ratio, which might reflect the influence of the daily light cycle. We applied proxy method to sample from prehistoric era, a fossil(More)
The " Global Change Observation Mission-Climate " (GCOM-C) is a project of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for the global and long-term observation of the Earth environment. The GCOM-C is expected to play an important role in monitoring and understanding global climate change. It will be a kind of health checkup of the Earth from space. The GCOM-C(More)
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