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Placenta percreta is a rare obstetric complication causing life-threatening hemorrhage. The case of a woman with a placenta percreta invading the urinary bladder treated by cesarean hysterectomy and partial bladder resection is presented. Overall estimated blood loss was 11,130 ml, and 59 units of various blood products were transfused. Obstetricians and(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined the relation between intimate partner violence (IVP) and maternal mental status such as depression and anxiety. METHODS Between April 2016 and October 2016, we asked all Japanese women during the first trimester of pregnancy to answer the three self-administered questionnaires to screen IVP and depressive and anxiety symptoms. (More)
BACKGROUND We examined the current status of depressive and anxiety symptoms in Japanese women during pregnancy and postpartum. METHODS We asked 220 Japanese women who gave birth to singleton babies at term to answer the two self-administered questionnaires (Whooley's two questions and two-item generalized anxiety disorder scale) at first, second and(More)
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