Masaki Wakutsu

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We investigated whether oral administration of palmitoleate ameliorates disorders of lipid metabolism to clarify the effects of one of the components of fish oil. Lipid levels in the liver and plasma were significantly decreased by palmitoleate and by EPA administration. These results suggest that palmitoleate, in addition to EPA, plays a role in the(More)
Fish oil is known to improve lifestyle-related diseases. These effects occur partly via activation of PPARs by the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids included abundantly in fish oil. We investigated fish oil functions on glucose and lipid metabolism that are both dependent on and independent of PPARs pathway. Mice were fed a diet containing 30 en% beef tallow(More)
The effect on weight reduction of fish oil combined with food restriction in comparison with that of beef tallow was investigated in high-fat diet-induced obese KKAy mice. Although the reduction of body and white adipose tissue weight was similar in the two groups, fish oil increased adiponectin levels in the plasma, improved dyslipidemia accompanied by(More)
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