Masaki Wakabayashi

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Synapsins are neuronal phosphoproteins that coat synaptic vesicles and are believed to function in the regulation of neurotransmitter release. The signaling mechanism for short-chain free fatty acid (SCFA)-stimulated NE release was examined using primary-cultured mouse sympathetic cervical ganglion neurons. Pharmacological and knockdown experiments showed(More)
The shared cache structures and snoop cache structures for single-chip multiprocessors are evaluated and compared using an instruction level simulator. Simulation results show that 1-port large shared cache achieves the best performance if there is no delay penalty for arbitration and accessing the bus. However, if 1-clock delay is assumed for accessing the(More)
A massively parallel processor called JUMP-1 has been developed to build an efficient cache coherent-distributed shared memory (DSM) on a large system with more than 1000 processors. Here, the dedicated processor called MBP (Memory Based Processor)-light to manage the DSM of JUMP-1 is introduced, and its preliminary performance with two protocol policies(More)
In this paper, architecture independent software simulation kit for multiprocessors called ISIS is proposed and designed. It includes various small simulators of a hardware device. All functions are implemented in C++ language, and the extension of them is also easy. Execution speed of a sample simulator was measured. Execution time of the simulator with(More)
Zinc signaling and dynamics play significant roles in many physiological responses and diseases. To understand the physiological roles of zinc in detail, comprehensive identification of proteins under high concentration of mobile zinc ion is crucial. We developed a 'conditional proteomics' approach to identify proteins involved in zinc homeostasis based on(More)
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