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The genes encoding Hfq-dependent sRNAs possess a typical Rho-independent transcription terminator. Here, we have studied the molecular events occurring at Rho-independent terminators of sRNA genes, focusing on two well-characterized Hfq-binding sRNAs, SgrS and RyhB. We constructed several hybrid genes in which the DNA sequence corresponding to a strong(More)
A new finishing method was developed to correct the thickness distribution of a quartz crystal wafer by the numerically controlled scanning of a localized atmospheric pressure plasma. The thickness uniformity level of a commercially available AT-cut quartz crystal wafer was improved to less than 50 nm without any subsurface damage by applying one correction(More)
Quartz resonator is a very important device to generate a clock frequency for information and telecommunication system. Improvement of the productivity of the quartz resonator is always required because a huge amount of the resonator is demanded for installing to various electronic devices. Resonance frequency of the quartz resonator is decided by the(More)
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