Masaki Tsutsui

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We have analyzed terrestrial neutron-induced soft errors in MOSFETs from a 65 nm to a 25 nm design rule by means of multi-scale Monte Carlo simulation using PHITS-HyENEXSS code system. The resulting scaling trend of SERs per bit is still decreasing similar to other predictions. From this analysis, it is clarified that secondary He and H ions provide a major(More)
Kinetochore is morphologically defined as a trilaminated, highly differentiated structure at the primary constriction of mitotic chromosomes. This subcellular organella is assumed to be composed of DNA and proteins. Immunoelectron microscopy has shown that centromere autoantigens CENP-C and CENP-B localize to the kinetochore inner plate and the underlying(More)
A yield simulator utilizing the extracted critical area and a SoC yield management system has been developed. This system drastically improved accuracy of SoC yield prediction and successfully extracted the critical areas of all layers of 0.18 /spl mu/m SoCs in approximately one hour. For yield prediction, we have thus far extracted critical areas of over(More)
Objective: The purposes of this study were to identify the P450 enzyme (CYP) responsible for zonisamide metabolism in humans by using expressed human CYPs and to predict drug interaction of zonisamide in vivo from in vitro data. Methods: Ten expressed human CYPs and human liver microsomes were used in the experiments for the identification of enzymes(More)
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