Masaki Shuzo

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Recognition of human “emotions” or “feelings” from voice is important to research on human communications. Although there has been much research on emotions or feelings in voice, definitions of these terms have been inconsistent. We reviewed previous papers in linguistics, brain science, information science, etc. and developed(More)
Collecting and analyzing various personal biological and environmental sensing data is important for various medical services, for example, lifestyle self-check support, personalized medical support and medical studies for the public purpose. We aim to deploy in 5 to 10 years and are studying on a physiological and environmental information processing(More)
This paper describes wireless wearable and ambient sensors that cooperate to monitor a person's vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure during daily activities. Each wearable sensor is attached on different parts of the body. The wearable sensors require a high sampling rate and time synchronization to provide a precise analysis of the received(More)
The development of a micro gas preconcentrator is crucial for the realization of miniaturized gas chromatography (micro-GC) systems which are expected to open up new applications such as breath analysis. One of the major problems with the reduction of preconcentrator size by miniaturization is the availability of a sorbent material which provides high(More)
We report a microfabricated gas chromatography (GC) column that uses a thin layer of high-quality singlewalled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) as a stationary phase. This 1.0-m-long, 160-μm-wide, 250-μm-deep column has the highest separation efficiency reported to date for microfabricated columns having an SWNT stationary phase. Separation efficiency was evaluated(More)
Blood pressure measurement methods used nowadays have considerable drawbacks, as non-invasive measurements are non-continuous while invasive measurements are confined to in-hospital use. In this paper, we expose our solution of a continuous, non-invasive blood pressure measurement method, using electrocardiogram (ECG) and photopletysmograph (PPG) as a basis(More)