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This paper describes wireless wearable and ambient sensors that cooperate to monitor a person's vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure during daily activities. Each wearable sensor is attached on different parts of the body. The wearable sensors require a high sampling rate and time synchronization to provide a precise analysis of the received(More)
Collecting and analyzing various personal biological and environmental sensing data is important for various medical services, for example, lifestyle self-check support, personalized medical support and medical studies for the public purpose. We aim to deploy in 5 to 10 years and are studying on a physiological and environmental information processing(More)
The development of a micro gas preconcentrator is crucial for the realization of miniaturized gas chromatography (micro-GC) systems which are expected to open up new applications such as breath analysis. One of the major problems with the reduction of preconcentrator size by miniaturization is the availability of a sorbent material which provides high(More)
We report a microfabricated gas chromatography (GC) column that uses a thin layer of high-quality single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) as a stationary phase. This 1.0-m-long, 160-μm-wide, 250-μm-deep column has the highest separation efficiency reported to date for microfabricated columns having an SWNT stationary phase. Separation efficiency was(More)
We have developed a new method to estimate no only stress occurrence, but also various workplace stress types. The method relies on adaptive selection of physiological indices integrated into an intelligent multi-steps discrimination process. Preliminary results revealed the method promising to improve estimation accuracy of workplace stress types. The(More)