Masaki Shimaoka

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The objective of this document is to establish a terminology framework and to suggest the operational requirements of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) domain for interoperability of multi-domain Public Key Infrastructure, where each PKI domain is operated under a distinct policy. This document describes the relationships between Certification Authorities(More)
The University Public Key Infrastructure (UPKI) project in Japan is developing a national academic inter-institution authentication and authorization infrastructure based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and it is carrying out a feasibility study on SAML 2.0 federation by building a Shibboleth2.x test-bed called UPKI-Fed with about thirty university(More)
Identity Proofing - providing a digital identifier bound to a real-world entity - is effective against identity theft, which is a serious problem for cyber security. In-person interaction with an applicant is the basis of identity proofing, but that is only effective when all applicants are located near a registration authority (RA) which is responsible for(More)
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