Masaki Satoh

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A new type of ultra-high resolution atmospheric global circulation model is developed. The new model is designed to perform ''cloud resolving simulations'' by directly calculating deep convection and meso-scale circulations, which play key roles not only in the tropical circulations but in the global circulations of the atmosphere. Since cores of deep(More)
Global cloud/cloud system-resolving models are perceived to perform well in the prediction of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), a huge eastward -propagating atmospheric pulse that dominates intraseasonal variation of the tropics and affects the entire globe. However, owing to model complexity, detailed analysis is limited by computational power. Here we(More)
In conventional electronic video stabilization, the stabilized frame is obtained by cropping the input frame to cancel camera shake. While a small cropping size results in strong stabilization, it does not provide us satisfactory results from the viewpoint of image quality, because it narrows the angle of view. By fusing several frames, we can effectively(More)