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The location of the reproductive timer for the post-copulatory, time-fixed, sexually refractory stage was investigated in the male cricket Gryllus bimaculatus. This stage was defined as the interval between spermatophore protrusion and recommencement of copulation or a calling song. To inactivate the central nervous system locally and reversibly, different(More)
This study addresses a potentially general basis of measuring time in a biological timer. Here, we examined the effects of biogenic amines on the time-fixed post-copulatory sexually refractory stage (ca. 1 h) which is defined as the time interval between spermatophore protrusion and the onset of a calling or a mating response in the reproductive cycle of(More)
When exposed to light, planarians display a distinctive light avoidance behavior known as negative phototaxis. Such behavior is temporarily suppressed when animals are decapitated, and it is restored once the animals regenerate their heads. Head regeneration and the simple but reproducible phototactic response of planarians provides an opportunity to study(More)
The reproductive cycle of the male cricket consists of the mating stage and the sexually refractory stage. The latter is further divided into the first refractory stage (RS1) from spermatophore extrusion in copulation to spermatophore preparation after copulation, and the second refractory stage (RS2) from spermatophore preparation to recommencement of a(More)
The male and female genitalia are finely designed to match each other for copulation in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus. Copulatory acts of the male, stereotyped and time-fixed, are elicited by stimulation of mechanoreceptors on particular regions of the abdomen, cerci and genitalia. Sequential execution of each motor act proceeds as a chain reaction in(More)
The study indicates that the male cricket Gryllus bimaculatus extrudes the spermatophore in response to mechanical stimulation of specialized sensilla in the cavity enclosed by the epiphallus and terminates mating as revealed by spermatophore protrusion. The spermatophore extrusion, however, needs an increase in body tonus during cavity hair stimulation(More)
[structure: see text] Carboxamides possessing naphthalene rings connected by multiple iminodicarbonyl linkers were synthesized. These molecules forced the naphthalene rings to be placed in the positions facing each other, and they form helical foldamers both in solution and in the crystalline state. Their folding structures were investigated by(More)
We investigated the stridulatory courtship initiated by male-male contact after agonistic encounters and the effect of dominance status on subsequent reproductive behavior in the cricket Gryllus bimaculatus. When two male crickets were kept together in a small area, their dominance status was quickly established through fighting or non-fighting(More)
Auto-spermatophore extrusion is a kind of spermatophore extrusion without genital coupling in the male cricket. It rarely occurred in intact males paired with a female, while it frequently occurred in all the males with the connectives cut under restraint and dissection. The time interval (SPaSE) between spermatophore preparation and auto-spermatophore(More)