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β-type titanium alloys with low Young's modulus are required to inhibit bone atrophy and enhance bone remodeling for implants used to substitute failed hard tissue. At the same time, these titanium alloys are required to have high static and dynamic strength. On the other hand, metallic biomaterials with variable Young's modulus are required to satisfy the(More)
  • M Nakai
  • 1981
A multiple regression analysis, which allows a simultaneous introduction of smoothing, was adopted for a numerical deconvolution process to obtain the transport function from a pair of indicator dilution curves. This process solves concurrently restricting linear quadratic or cubic equations that are fitted to small sections of the transport function curve,(More)
Biomedical titanium alloys with Young's moduli close to that of cortical bone, i.e., low Young's modulus titanium alloys, are receiving extensive attentions because of their potential in preventing stress shielding, which usually leads to bone resorption and poor bone remodeling, when implants made of their alloys are used. They are generally β-type(More)
A new technique for measurement of intracranial pressure was presented. By using this method a) absolute value of pressure, b) easy, simple and inexpensive long-term measurement and c) decrease in danger of infection are obtained. The apparatus consists of an external device which converts displacement of its membrane into quantitative change of beam and an(More)
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