Masaki Mochizuki

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Drain current of SOI H-type body-tied MOSFET can be modulated in gate length or width because of its additional gate region. It causes a serious problem especially in analog circuit design. There is, however, no model including the gate shape effect even in the newest release BSIMSOI [1]. An accurate and global model of SOI H-type body-tied MOSFET in(More)
We developed a new modulation code that i s effective for advuncing a high-density optical disk and a reproduction signal-processing ystem Reproduction characteristics of a ROM disk having a recording capacity of 19.8 Giga-bytes (GB) are evamined with combining the newly devehped reproduction signal-processing system with an optical system composed of a(More)
A point-source model of ion implantation for 3D simulation is proposed for the first time. Implanted ion profile is calculated by integrals, over implanted surface, of point-source implanted profiles which are calculated by a well-tuned Monte Carlo simulation and are then reconstructed by analytical functions considering various channeling directions. The(More)
A new implantation model which considers effects of covered layers to channeling effects in substrate is proposed. Physics of energy loss and scattering in covered layers are summarized to a simple expression. The model is easy to implement to any existing process simulators, and accuracy is drastically improved not only for advanced devices but also for(More)
For the first time, the drain current enhancement effect of stressed contact liner applied to various wafer material is discussed in this paper. The enhancement is larger in SOI and SOQ device than in bulk MOSFET. Thinner SOI film causes more enhancement, but saturation current fluctuation sensitive to SOI thickness variation increases drastically. In case(More)
Impact of temperature and process variations on the output voltage variations of CMOS photo sensor is discussed. As temperature becomes high, output voltage (Vout) decreases because of the amplifier characteristics. But above 350 K, Vout increases in a weak light intensity range. The process variations have an impact when the operation temperature is high(More)
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