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The cerebral and cerebellar lesions of the cats that were exposed to 0.3% carbon monoxide gas under artificial respiration were examined by an electron microscope at different intervals. During the first few days, the most outstanding features were segmental empty axonal swelling, dilatation of the extracellular space, swelling and necrosis of astrocytes(More)
  • M Caldwall, A Hungerbuhler, +10 authors D Suzuki
257 vertebrates except in some snakes, and this was one of the reasons why the bone was previously identified as the squamosal. The supratemporal of Utatsusaurus, however, is of moderate size, so this bone seems to have progressively increased in size in the Ichthyosauria. Most major amniote groups, and even some non-amniote tetra-pods, have at some time(More)
There are two purposes for this paper, one is that the calculation method, which took sunlight into consideration using All Sky Model, is shown, and another is executing simulations by this method. The simulations are able to verify the daylighting technique of Japanese traditional architecture. Skylight and sunlight intensity are calculated using All Sky(More)
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