Masaki Kurimoto

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Prefoldin is a jellyfish-shaped hexameric chaperone that captures a protein-folding intermediate and transfers it to the group II chaperonin for correct folding. In this work, we characterized the organic solvent tolerance of Escherichia coli cells that overexpress prefoldin and group II chaperonin from a hyperthermophilic archeaum, Pyrococcus horikoshii(More)
Transcriptional analysis has been investigated to detect the genes involved in organic solvent tolerance. A time course of gene expression profiles of Escherichia coli after exposure to organic solvents revealed that the expression levels of manX, manY, and manZ genes were strongly upregulated by 13.2-, 10.0-, and 7.0-folds, respectively, after 2 min and(More)
The effect of global transcriptional regulators related to carbohydrate metabolism on organic solvent tolerance (OST) in Escherichia coli has been investigated. The OSTs of the E. coli K-12 BW25113 knockout mutants acrA, acrB, cra, crp, cyaA, fnr, and mlc were investigated on the basis of colony forming efficiency on an agar plate overlaid with organic(More)
cDNA of human natural TNF (n-TNF) obtained by stimulating human leukemic B cell line (Ball-1) with Sendai virus was cloned. Valine-started-TNF (V-TNF) gene was constructed from the cDNA and expressed in E.coli HB101 under the control of a trp promoter by the induction of 3-indoleacrylic acid. The expression level of V-TNF clone was about 10% of the total(More)
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