Masaki Kakudo

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A complete molecular model of Taka-amylase A consisting of 478 amino acid residues was built with the aid of amino acid sequence data. Some typical structural features of the molecule are described. A model fitting of an amylose chain in the catalytic site of the enzyme showed a possible productive binding mode between substrate and enzyme. On the basis of(More)
The crystal structure of ferricytochrome c from rice embryos has been solved by X-ray diffraction to a resolution of 2.0 A, applying a single isomorphous replacement method with anomalous scattering effects. The initial molecular model was built on a graphics display system and was refined by the Hendrickson and Konnert method. The R factor was reduced to(More)
The structure of cytochrome c3 from the sulfate-reducing bacterium Desulfovibrio vulgaris Miyazaki has been successfully refined at 1.8 A resolution. The crystallographic R factor is 0.176 for 9907 significant reflections. The isotropic temperature factors of individual atoms were refined and a total of 47 water molecules located on the difference map were(More)
A [2Fe-2S] ferrodoxin from Spirulina platensis crystallized in space group C2221 with cell dimensions of a = 62.32, b = 28.51, c = 108.08 A, and alpha = beta = gamma = 90.0 degrees. X-ray structure analysis of the protein was carried out at 2.5 A resolution by the single isomorphous replacement method coupled with the derivative and the native anomalous(More)
A chloroplast-type ferredoxin containing two non-heme iron and two labile sulfur atoms per molecule was prepared from Aphanothece sacrum. Crystals were obtained by dialysis against 75% saturated a-monium sulfate solution, and belong to the tetragonal system with cell dimensions a = b = 92.2 A and c = 47.6 A, containing four molecules in an asymmetric unit.(More)
The crystal structure of Taka-amylase A was studied by an X-ray diffraction method at 3 A resolution. A total of 452 amino acid residues were found from the electron density map at the present stage. The four disulfide bonds and the branched carbohydrate were also located on the map. The difference electron density map of the maltotriose-soaked crystal(More)